A powerful combination of development focussed astrology and modern coaching methods



The astrological launching calendar helps you to launch at exactly the right time. And also: what periods are best to allow yourself rest and evaluation.

Discover your unique potential and make more impact

One of the most fundamental questions of all: “Why am I here?”
We are all searching for answers about who we really and what our contribution to this world is.
As astrological coach I work with your unique blueprint.  I use this blueprint to show you a pathway. A pathway to your purest potential and how to unlock this potential.  Using a combination of Evolutionary Astrology,  Psychological Astrology and modern coaching methods I give you insight but also show you how to apply this in your daily life.  And: how you can grow even further towards a life of happiness and fulfillment! Actively start to work towards the goal: REALLY changing your life and start doing what you are meant to do!


Navigate your life with astrology!

Discover the possibilities and find clues that help you on your development path. And, make the right choices!
Stargazer Academy offers both online and live workshops on using the extraordinary tool of astrology to navigate your life.

Currently only available in Dutch

About Patty

In 2015 I decided to change my life and fulfill my purpose. How do I know that this is what I am meant to do? Because there is no difference anymore between who I am and what I do in this world. I know why I am here and I present this as a gift to the world. I love to show you what your purest potential is. Giving you insights in how you can walk you life’s path as effective and efficient as possible. Always focussed on opportunities and growth.

I am a Netherlands based Astrological Coach with a background in Psychology, Transactional Analysis and NLP.

Astrologie & Business Coaching

Impression of the retreat on the beautiful island of Schiermonnikoog as part of the Magic In Business program that I facilitated together with business coach Marloes Halmans.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs and helps to bring your business in line with what I call your “cosmic job description” – your unique contribution to this world. Knowing what this unique contribution is and how to bring this gift forth means running your business based on your true self. Every day you withhold any part of your true self, you are withholding part of your gift to this world. 

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